Trust Northwoods for Decking Materials

Brands like Xtendex, Gorilla Deck and Libery are why Northwoods is your one-stop decking headquarters. If you're looking for a wide selection of hard-working, long-lasting decking materials, you've found the place: Northwoods.

  • Ranch Life Plastics, Inc.

    Ranch Life Plastics, Inc.

    Rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is used in the manufacture of most Ranch Life products is different from traditional PVC pipe product. It has been modified for enhanced impact strength, resistance to ultraviolet rays to prevent yellowing, and most importantly, manufactured for a wide climatic swing. Ranch Life vinyl products are durable and flexible; the products expand and contract with the weather, but absolutely will not warp or rot. With 11,000 lakes in Michigan the new Ranch Life Plastics waterfront products are particularly appealing. No rusting or corroding and never too hot for bare feet.

  • Genova


    In a class by itself... NOT composite, NOT cellular PVC SOLID PVC DECKING with enhanced surface technology Deck Board
    Our solid PVC decking and color matched railing with its specially engineered surface is not only guaranteed to enhance the beauty of your home, but gives you the benefit of vinyl's low-maintenance qualities. Whether you're replacing an old deck or adding a new one, Genovations® decking and railing is ideal for both situations!

  • DuraLife Composite Decking

    Simply pick the composite deck color you like, pick the deck profile at the performance level you prefer and select the railing system to complete your deck.