Trust Northwoods for Stone Veneer

Need the finishing touch that only a striking stone finish can provide? Come to Northwoods for a broad selection of stone veneer products from manufacturers the likes of Quarry Ridge, Eldorado Artistic and others.

  • stonecraft


    From the elemental look of water-worn edges to the fine detail of sandstone’s feel, our unique profiles stunningly recreate nature. Our profiles offer distinctive irregular fieldstone shapes, natural-looking broken edges, or Old-World craftsmanship defined by rugged ashlar designs and chisel-sculpted stonework.

  • Ply Gem Stone

    As an accent or the main attraction Ply Gem Stone has a remarkable talent for setting the tone and defining the character of a building interior or exterior. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted to exhibit nature's finest hues, unique texture and authentic details. Ply Gem Stone is also tested and proven. One of the few stone veneer products to be submitted for ICC Evaluation Service approval, Ply Gem Stone is a beautiful and reliable way to achieve this popular look for your home.